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Hulu with Live TV tops a million subscribers

Hulu’s live TV streaming service has hit a milestone number of more than 1 million subscribers. That’s up from the estimated 450,000 CNBC reported at…

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Meteorologist Fact Checks Bill Nye On Whether Climate Change Has Led To More Natural Disasters

Dr. Roy Spencer, a meteorologist, appeared on “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to discuss his beliefs on natural disasters and whether or not global warming has an…

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Fox News Contributor Calls Sen. Booker ‘More Sparky Than Spartacus’

Fox News contributor Lisa Boothe took a swing at Democratic Sen. Cory Booker for his self-described “Spartacus” moment last week during Supreme Court nominee Brett…

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Alan Dershowitz: Manafort’s Plea Deal Should Worry Trump, White House

Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said the White House should be worried about former campaign chair Paul Manafort’s plea deal with the special counsel…

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Netflix’s newest program certifies post-production tools for Netflix Originals

Netflix on Thursday announced a new program aimed at helping Netflix Originals artists and producers select the right tools for delivering their content to its…

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Don Jr. Denies Vanity Fair Claim That He’s ‘Worried Trump Isn’t Sleeping,’ Accuses Them Of Buying Followers

Donald Trump Jr. accused Vanity Fair of buying Twitter followers on Thursday night in response to an article the outlet published claiming he was worried that…

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European parliament gives thumbs up to controversial copyright reforms

The European Parliament has just voted to back controversial proposals to reform online copyright — including supporting an extension to cover snippets of publishers content…

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MasterClass is mastering scale as a media business

MasterClass’ $80M Series D announced last week marks a triumph in validating the potential venture-scale of content businesses in an era when many are founded…

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Roll Call Compares Russian Election Meddling To 9/11

Roll Call, a DC-based news outlet, published a cartoon on Tuesday comparing Russian election meddling to the September 11, 2001 terror attacks. The cartoon was…

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When Fox Guest Tries To Credit Obama For Booming Economy, Dan Bongino Fires Back

Former Secret Service Agent and frequent Fox guest Dan Bongino sparred with a fellow panelist over whether to credit Donald Trump or Barack Obama for…

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Hannity Rebuts Obama’s ‘Sanity’ Remark

Fox News host Sean Hannity was not impressed with former President Barack Obama’s comment that America needs ‘sanity’ restored to politics. He responded to Obama’s…

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Houston Chronicle Reporter Resigns After Allegedly Making Up Sources

Houston Chronicle reporter Mike Ward resigned from the outlet on Monday after allegations surfaced that he had made up sources for a number of stories….

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NBC News Claims Conservatives Paid For Steele Dossier

NBC News falsely claimed in a Monday article that a conservative outlet first funded the anti-Trump dossier compiled by former British agent Christopher Steele. NBC…

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Jack Ma says he isn’t about to retire from Alibaba but is planning a gradual succession

Reports of Jack Ma’s impending retirement are greatly exaggerated, it seems. Ma, the co-founder and executive chairman of Alibaba, has pushed back on claims that he is on…

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What you need to know ahead of the EU copyright vote

European Union lawmakers are facing a major vote on digital copyright reform proposals on Wednesday — a process that has set the Internet’s hair fully…

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Apple Music launches a ‘Top Charts’ playlist series

Apple Music is rolling out a new playlist series that will feature the Top 100 songs on Apple Music globally and for those countries where…

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EU to move ahead with cultural quotas for streaming services

The European Union is set to move ahead with a plan to enforce pan-European quotas on streaming services like Amazon Prime Video and Netflix to…

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Tucker Carlson: NBC ‘Suppressed’ The Weinstein Story And It ‘Protected’ Him

Fox News host Tucker Carlson went after NBC News for allegedly quashing Ronan Farrow’s story detailing Harvey Weinstein’s rampant sexual abuse on his show Tuesday…

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