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Mental health startup Lantern winds down its customer operations

Mental health startup Lantern, which raised more than $20 million in funding, is winding down its commercial operations after a couple of acquisition deals fell…

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YC alum Modern Health, a startup focused on emotional wellbeing, gets $2.26M seed funding

About one year ago, a note from a CEO thanking his employee for using sick days to take care of her mental health went viral….

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The Perfect Fix for a Diet That’s Depressing You

Of all the problems people face today, depression proves one of the hardest to pinpoint. People often suffer in secret, not wanting to burden others…

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Your Handshake May Give Clues About Your Brain Health

You were set on getting to the gym after work. Your bag is even in the front seat of the car to keep you focused…

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A sudden loss of financial wealth may be hazardous to your health

Your financial health may have more bearing on your physical health than you realize. American adults who experienced a sudden and substantial loss of wealth…

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Why it’s so hard to #DeleteFacebook: Constant psychological boosts keep you hooked

By S. Shyam Sundar, Distinguished Professor of Communication & Co-Director of the Media Effects Research Laboratory, Pennsylvania State University, Bingjie Liu, Ph.D. Student in Mass…

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Children Using Social Media Unhappier $FB $TWTR

Reports continue to emerge on how social media can impact everything from sleep to self-image, so it comes as no surprise that the impact is…

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Is this why Denmark dominates the World Happiness Report rankings year after year?

By Marie Helweg-Larsen, Professor of Psychology, Dickinson College. Okay, we get it, you’re happy – no need to rub it in. Very_Very/ The new World…

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A brief history of loneliness

By Amelia S. Worsley, Assistant Professor of English, Amherst College. Edward Hopper’s ‘Office in a Small City’ (1953). Gandalf’s Gallery, CC BY-NC-SA Is loneliness our…

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California’s Millionaire Tax Yields Big Benefits For People With Mental Illness

A statewide tax on the wealthy has significantly boosted mental health programs in California’s largest county, helping to reduce homelessness, incarceration and hospitalization, according to…

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Michigan State University: Loneliness is bad for your health

By Jed Magen, Associate Professor of Psychiatry, Michigan State University. Social isolation is linked to increased blood pressure and depression. Mindmo/ Imagine a 65-year-old woman…

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Sixth Sense: Woman Finds Her Corgi Comforting a Grieving Stranger in the Airport Who the Day Before Lost His Dog

This pup’s sweet gesture at the airport is a perfect example of how animals have a sixth sense for things unseen. Cora the corgi and…

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Cyberbullying is at an all-time high: Don’t be silent

By Nadia Naffi, Full-Time Faculty in the Education Department (Educational Technology) & Public Scholar, Concordia University. Indigenous, LGBT, Black and refugee youth are among the…

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Scientists discover why ketamine is a powerful tool to fight against depression

Ketamine, a drug generally used for anesthesia, but also for recreational purposes, is now in the spotlight for its promising results in fighting depression. As…

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Democratic Congressman Ruben Gallego Calls Trump “A mentally unstable” “Psychopath”

Democrat Rep, Ruben Gallego (AR-07) tore into Trump last night on twitter for exploiting the Parkland massacre. Gallego, a former Marine who served in Iraq,…

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Marijuana May Cause Mental Illness, and Increase Fatal Car Crashes

As marijuana becomes increasingly legal for medicinal or recreational purposes, scientists are taking a harder look at its possible harmful effects, including its role in…

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Britain has appointed a “minister for loneliness”

Britain appointed a “minister for loneliness” on Wednesday to tackle what Prime Minister Theresa May described as “the sad reality of modern life” affecting millions…

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The Army very quietly announced in that it will lift a ban on waivers allowing people with a history of mental health issues, as well as alcohol and drug abuse, to join their ranks

The Army very quietly announced in August that it will lift a ban on waivers allowing people with a history of mental health issues, as…

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