Mike ‘Doc’ Emrick, for decades the voice of NHL and Olympic hockey memories, announces his play-by-play retirement – HEDGE accordingly

“Retire” is such a pedestrian verb, it’s hard to believe it has come out of Mike “Doc” Emrick’s mouth.Yet the man with more than 100 terms to describe a shot or pass has in fact announced his last line change.Did pucks “rattle,” “battle,” “pitchfork,” “shuffleboard,” “angle,” “waltz,” “chip,” “hop,” “skitter,” “waffleboard” or get “ladled” before Emrick left his audience with his indelible imagery?Perhaps not, and perhaps never again.Emrick’s retirement from his play-by-play duties Monday at 74 follows a half-century covering the sport and 47 seasons calling pro hockey games, the last few mont…

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HEDGE accordingly