My worst moment: Denis O’Hare, of ‘True Blood’ and ‘The Nevers,’ on burning bridges. Sometimes you just gotta do it
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Chicago Tribune

Denis O’Hare stars on the new HBO series “The Nevers,” a story of “Victorian superhero girls who battle aliens and nefarious evil men and women in London in 1880,” in his words. O’Hare plays Dr. Edmund Hague. “He’s a man of science who may go too far in his pursuit of truth, or whatever he considers his truth, which includes opening up people’s heads. He’s jovial, he’s funny, he’s witty. And probably deadly.” As an actor, O’Hare frequently shifts between highly naturalistic roles (whether he’s an attorney grilling Nicole Kidman in “Big Little Lies” or playing various characters on the “Law & O…

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