Nike scores pyrrhic victory as federal judge orders Brooklyn company to stop shipping ‘Satan Shoes’ after ALL BUT ONE pair sold

A federal judge has ordered a Brooklyn company to cease shipping its ‘Satan Shoes,’ pairs of modified sneakers containing human blood. Unfortunately for Nike, the beastly brogues have already been sold – and may have been shipped.

Nike sued the Williamsburg-based design company MSCHF (“mischief”) on Monday, arguing that the hipster firm’s limited-edition ‘Satan Shoes’ cast the sportswear giant in a negative light. 

On Thursday, a judge in New York ordered MSCHF to stop shipping the shoes to customers until the case could be resolved.

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Nike’s lawsuit also asks MSCHF to destroy any of the modified 1997 Air Max sneakers it may have, as well as any other items it has bearing the company’s logo.

The $1018-a-pair shoes were decorated with pentagrams, inscribed with a Bible verse, and filled with a mix of ink and human blood. According to the lawsuit, they retained Nike’s trademark ‘swoosh,’ which “caused immense confusion about the source of MSCHF’s infringing shoes and tarnished Nike’s brand with an unwarranted association with satanism.”

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However, only 666 pairs of the shoes were made (of course), and all but one have been sold already. The final pair was due to be given to a randomly-chosen customer on Thursday, until the court order came down. It is unclear how many of the other 665 pairs have already been shipped out.

Designed in collaboration with rapper Lil Nas X, the shoes’ release coincided with the release of X’s equally-controversial new video, in which the openly gay rapper “rides a stripper pole into hell and gives the Devil a lap dance.”

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