Paul Sullivan: Javier Baez wants in-game video, but he's probably not going to get it. Cubs star must revive his 2020 season the old-fashioned way.

CHICAGO — When Javier Baez went on his “I want video” rant Monday afternoon at Wrigley Field, all I could think of was Billy Idol.Back in the early 1980s, when cable TV was in its infancy and MTV aired music videos instead of reality shows, Idol and a host of other ’80s rock stars were featured in ads shouting: “I want my MTV.”If only Baez could persuade some of his fellow superstars to join in his crusade, an “I want my video” campaign on TikTok could go viral. It wouldn’t make up for Baez’s dismal 2020 season, but perhaps it could get Major League Baseball to listen to his demands.In case yo…

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