Peter Navarro: China Playing ‘Zero-Sum Game’ on Trade, Technology Theft

Peter Navarro: China Playing 'Zero-Sum Game' on Trade, Technology Theft

China poses an existential threat to the United States concerning technology and theft of American business technology, White House trade advisor Peter Navarro said Thursday morning.

Navarro sat down with CNBC outside the White House and spoke about all things China, including its theft and acquisition of American intellectual property.

“We have to defend ourselves. My office came out with a report last month about how China uses what the national security strategy calls strategies of economic aggression, basically,” Navarro said. “They’re attacking our crown jewels. They make no bones about it. It’s all public information in their own documents. What do they do? They steal it.”

Navarro then described how China obtains U.S. intellectual property through governmental rules for doing business there and simply buying it because of its trade surplus with the U.S.

“We really need to stop that technology from being just bought and taken back to Shanghai because this is our future,” Navarro said. “If you look at artificial intelligence, robotics, advanced manufacturing, extreme manufacturing, high-tech chipping, these are the China 2025 industries that China is targeting.

“And so unfortunately, it’s a zero-sum game now between China and the rest of the world. What we need to do as a country is to work with the rest of the world to make sure that we have a prosperity in the globe and a high stock market.”

The Trump administration has put China in it crosshairs as President Donald Trump tries to even the global trading field through tariffs. China has pushed back with tariffs of its own, which has created what some call a trade war between the U.S., China, Canada, and the European Union.

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