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‘Abortion Is Self-Care’ Billboard Will Remain Erect After Organization Leader Speaks Out: ‘We Said It. We Meant It’

A black women’s reproductive rights group put up a billboard in Dallas, Texas, claiming that abortion is self-care, and it’s not backing down after being…

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Senate Rejects Bill To Defund Planned Parenthood, Rand Paul Doesn’t Hold Back

The Senate rejected an amendment to the government spending bill Thursday that would prevent Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers from receiving federal funding. Republican…

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Abortion Abolitionists Protest Washington State Planned Parenthood And Call For Adoption Over Abortion

Abortion abolitionists rallied in front of a Washington state Planned Parenthood clinic Saturday, calling for an end to all legal abortion. Participants in the protest…

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Planned Parenthood Sues South Carolina Over Medicaid Ban

Planned Parenthood is suing the state of South Carolina in an attempt to overturn an executive order barring the abortion organization and any group that performs…

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Tennessee Senate Candidate Accused Of Falling Straight Into Chuck Schumer’s Pocket

7:05 PM 07/23/2018Grace Carr | Reporter share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp Tennessee Democratic senatorial candidate Phil Bredesen has…

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Bustle Author Says Abortion Was ‘Least Traumatic Medical Procedure’ She’s Ever Had

A Bustle author wrote in a Monday article that her abortion was the least traumatic medical procedure she’s ever had. “When I walked into the…

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Study Finds Office Abortions To Be As ‘Safe’ As Abortions Performed In Hospitals

7:58 PM 06/26/2018Grace Carr | Reporter share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp Abortions performed in clinic offices are as…

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Democrat Kamala Harris Is Spreading LIES About Trump’s Abortion Policy [VIDEO]

1:05 AM 06/21/2018Anders Hagstrom | Justice Reporter share on facebook tweet this share show comments Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp [youtube] Democratic Sen. Kamala…

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Most Major Media Outlets Are BOUGHT AND PAID FOR By Planned Parenthood. Here’s How To Break Through

6:49 AM 06/12/2018Thomas Ciesielka | President of TC Public Relations share on facebook tweet this share Share Print Reddit Share Email WhatsApp Last month, Live…

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‘Graphic’ Sex Ed Lesson, Taught in a P. Parenthood Partnership Class, Has Parents Furious

Parents from a Pittsburgh charter school are outraged after a science teacher allegedly asked seventh-grade students to look for “graphic” images on their mobile devices….

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Starbucks’ Bias Training Ripped as Anti-White Men

Coffeehouse retail giant Starbucks is accused of discrimination for implementing an anti- racial bias training program that targets its own white male employees. Starbucks convened…

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Intentional Foul! The WNBA Donates to Planned Parenthood

The WNBA has decided it supports “intersectionality” — something conservative writer David Horowitz defines as the linking “of alleged oppressions — racism, sexism, and ageism.”…

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Cecile Richards’ Nuttiest Comments Will Make Your Boots Quake

Former Planned Parenthood president Cecile Richards has made more than a few disturbing comments while serving as leader of the abortion organization. Richards became president…

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FACT CHECK: Does Planned Parenthood Get Over $500 Million A Year In Government Funding?

Many people on Twitter said that Planned Parenthood receives $500 million in government money every year. Planned Parenthood performs 160 abortions for every adoption referral…

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Pro-Life Advocates Cheer Trump’s Reported Targeting of Clinics

Antiabortion activists cheered reports Friday that President Donald Trump is moving to prohibit federally funded family planning clinics from discussing abortion or sharing space with…

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Kellyanne Conway On Trump Defunding Planned Parenthood: ‘Abortion Is Not Family Planning’

11:26 AM 05/18/2018  Pinterest  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp     Share         TOP Kellyanne Conway made a blunt point about the abortion services…

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Trump To Propose Title 10 Funding Cuts For Abortion Groups

  Where PP Will And Won’t Spend $20 Million Planned Parenthood sign (Shutterstock/Ken Wolter)    9:00 PM 05/17/2018  Pinterest  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp     Share…

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Pro-Life Forces Say There’s More Than One Way To Skin Planned Parenthood

11:16 AM 05/16/2018  Pinterest  Reddit  LinkedIn  WhatsApp     Share         TOP Pro-life advocates are calling on President Donald Trump to use…

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