President Trump Takes Swipe At Hillary Clinton During Indiana Rally

President Trump explained what type of rally former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would’ve had if she held one in Indiana during his own rally there on Thursday night.


“If crooked Hillary Clinton had won, and she came to Indiana to have a rally for the opponent — who is rated the worst in the Senate – of Mike Braun. If you had 500 people, seriously, they won’t tell you this, we have an election coming up, but we don’t have a presidential election coming up. You don’t get big crowds,” President Trump began. (RELATED: President Trump Explains How The Media Will Cover Protester Getting Thrown Out Of Rally)

He continued, “If crooked Hillary came here, if she had 300 to 500 people. First of all she wouldn’t be in this building, should be in a hotel conference room. It would be a conference room. I’m not saying … I’m just saying something incredible is happening with our country to have this.”

President Trump was at a rally in Evansville, Indiana on behalf of Mike Braun who is running for the Senate. Braun is going up against the incumbent, Senator Joe Donnelly.

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