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Alan Dershowitz: Manafort’s Plea Deal Should Worry Trump, White House

Former Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz said the White House should be worried about former campaign chair Paul Manafort’s plea deal with the special counsel…

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Don Jr. Denies Vanity Fair Claim That He’s ‘Worried Trump Isn’t Sleeping,’ Accuses Them Of Buying Followers

Donald Trump Jr. accused Vanity Fair of buying Twitter followers on Thursday night in response to an article the outlet published claiming he was worried that…

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Trump, Republicans ‘Didn’t Even Break A Sweat’ — Obama Takes Credit For Economic Success

President Obama pushed back against President Trump, stating that the positive economic swing is actually a result of his term in office and not the…

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White House Reporters Float Idea That Trump Leaked His Own Off-The-Record Remarks

White House reporters from seemingly both sides of the political spectrum suggested this weekend that President Trump had invented his own scandal. On Friday, Trump…

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Trump Critics Use John McCain’s Funeral To Criticize The President — Here’s What They Said

Several speakers threw in jabs at President Trump during Saturday’s funeral service for the late Senator John McCain. “The America of John McCain has no…

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President Trump Touts Latest Presidential Approval Polling In Friday Night Tweet

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday night, touting the latest Rasmussen polling that showed his daily approval rating for August 31 at 48 percent “despite…

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President Trump Spoke With Arizona’s Governor Following John McCain’s Death — Here’s What They Talked About

President Trump spoke via phone with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey this week following the death of Senator John McCain. According to a Friday Politico report,…

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‘Did You See The Fake News Try To Fake Out Tiger?’ — President Trump Lauds Tiger Woods, Disses Media In One Shot

Tiger Woods avoided being baited by the media into slamming President Trump last Sunday, and the president acknowledged that fact during his Thursday night speech…

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President Trump Mocks Nancy Pelosi For Criticizing MS-13 ‘Animals’ Characterization — ‘I Can’t Call Them Animals!’

President Trump on Thursday poked fun at House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi for taking umbrage at his characterization of MS-13 members as “animals.” WATCH: “If…

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President Trump Takes Swipe At Hillary Clinton During Indiana Rally

President Trump explained what type of rally former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton would’ve had if she held one in Indiana during his own rally there…

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President Trump Explains How The Media Will Cover Protester Getting Thrown Out Of Rally

President Trump threw a few barbs at the media for how he expected them to cover a woman who was being escorted out of his…

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NY Mag: ‘Trump Is a Snob Who Secretly Despises His Own Supporters’

New York Magazine’s offshoot The Daily Intelligencer published an article on Thursday morning accusing President Trump of ‘secretly [despising]’ his supporters. The article, “Trump Is…

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Trump Is Becoming An Apple Fan: Uses iPad, Calls It ‘The Flat One’

geralt / Pixabay President Donald Trump is known to be tech-savvy, creating news almost every time he tweets using his iPhone. Now it is being…

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Report: Bush, Obama Both Surprised When John McCain Asked Them To Speak At His Funeral

The late Senator John McCain reportedly asked former presidents Barack Obama and George W. Bush earlier this year to deliver eulogies at his funeral. Both…

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CNN Refuses To Back Down On Debunked Trump Tower Story

CNN is continuing to stand by their now debunked Trump Tower story as of Wednesday night — despite numerous holes in it — and the…

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Media Disparages Trump Over Antifa Warnings, Despite Antifa’s Violent Actions

The media attacked President Trump for saying Antifa would become violent should the GOP lose the midterm elections while speaking to evangelical leaders Tuesday evening,…

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Mark Levin Explains Why The President Doesn’t Need To Worry About Mueller

Conservative political pundit Mark Levin explained why the president does not need to be concerned with the Mueller investigation during a segment on Hannity, Monday…

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President Trump Sends His Condolences To McCain Family

President Trump tweeted his condolences to the family of John McCain after the Arizona senator’s passing on Saturday. “My deepest sympathies and respect go out…

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