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UK media giants call for independent oversight of Facebook, YouTube, Twitter

The UK’s leading broadcasters and ISPs have called for the government to introduce independent regulatory oversight of social media content. The group of media and…

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JUUL Labs responds to FDA concerns about flavored e-liquids

In a statement released today, Juul Labs has responded to FDA moves to increase regulation on flavored tobacco products in order to curb underage use….

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White House Rolls Out Agenda for More Deregulation to Boost Business

President Donald Trump will continue to target duplicative and ineffective regulations as part of his administration’s “spring agenda,” the White House announced Wednesday. Trump’s reform…

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Tougher regulations are needed for Facebook $FB

Facebook used to tell its programmers to “move fast and break things.” Who knew that one of the things could be the integrity of elections….

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AG Jeff Sessions: Bump stock ban announcement coming very ‘soon’

Attorney General Jeff Sessions said Tuesday the Justice Department will soon make an announcement about the possible banning of bump stocks, a device that makes…

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Unleashed free enterprise is going to produce amazing results in America

WASHINGTON, February 11, 2018: On February 6, SpaceX, a private company, launched the Falcon Heavy, the most powerful operational rocket ever made. More than 100,000…

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Amid regulation fears, Bitcoin bombs Nearly 50% in days, Alt-coins crash

Bitcoin, the best known of hundreds of ‘virtual’ coins, slumped Tuesday to a six-week low below $12,000 as analysts blamed a rush by various jurisdictions…

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The noose of regulation seems to be closing around the Medusa’s head-like neck of cryptocurrencies

The noose of regulation seems to be closing around the Medusa’s head-like neck of cryptocurrencies. After months of monitoring by various agencies, the financial services…

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FCC to repeal #NetNeutrality rules, a milestone for Republican deregulation push

WASHINGTON — Federal regulators are expected to vote Thursday to repeal Obama-era net neutrality rules for internet traffic. It would be a major victory for…

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Repeal of Obama-era ‘net neutrality’ means ‘free, open Internet’

On Dec. 14, the Federal Communications Commission is expected to roll back Obama-era Internet regulations, a move that one commissioner tells WND and Radio America…

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US regulator Ajit Pai says Silicon Valley IS a threat to the internet

A top US regulator, defending an effort to roll back so-called “net neutrality” rules, said Tuesday that large internet platforms represent the biggest threat to…

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Portugal’s internet shows the world what a world without net neutrality, it’s UGLY

Advocates of network neutrality, which is under active assault by the conservative chairman of the Federal Communications Commission, have been pointing to a vivid example…

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Top Democrat Sen. Tom Udall And Republican Demand SEC anti-corruption Crackdown

U.S. Sen. Tom Udall, D-New Mexico, called for federal regulators to begin applying an anti-corruption rule to outside political groups in the wake of an…

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The Equifax breach is a reminder of society’s bigger #cybersecurity problems $EFX

By Richard Forno, Senior Lecturer, Cybersecurity & Internet Researcher, University of Maryland, Baltimore County. There are a lot more holes in cybersecurity fences. iomis/ The…

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