Rep. Brat: Trump Fulfilling Campaign Pledge to Care of American Workers

Rep. Brat: Trump Fulfilling Campaign Pledge to Care of American Workers

President Donald Trump is fulfilling his election pledge to take care of the American worker with his calls to go ahead with a new trade deal with or without Canada, Rep. Dave Brat said Monday.

“That is what comes out of the Mexico negotiation,” the Virginia Republican, a member of the House Freedom Caucus, told Fox News’ ‘America’s Newsroom.”

“There is nothing near free trade in any of this..when you look at the negotiation with Mexico. sector and sector, wage rate in each sector, wage rate for each part, there is no free trade to any of it.”

The best part of it all, Brat added, is that Americans are seeing the lobbyists and special interests pushing to have their piece of the trade deal negotiated their way.

“That’s why we want free markets, so you don’t have the political corruption buying off certain sectors,” said Brat. “We’re moving in the right direction, but it’s tough.”

Meanwhile, when it comes the American worker, the “mainstream media” doesn’t report the growth that has happened, said Brat.

“We grew at 4.2 GDP growth last quarter,” said Brat. “My Democrat opponent wants to get rid of all the tax cuts and put in place tax increases to support ending Medicare as you know it.”

He also pointed out that Walmart broke retail records last week, showing “unbelievable evidence” that Republicans are taking care of American workers.

“The Democrats spin it because they have nothing else to do,” said Brat. “They go negative on you because the overwhelming objective news is all good. ”

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