Rep. McCarthy: Kavanaugh Nod ‘What You Would Expect’ From Trump

Rep. McCarthy: Kavanaugh Nod 'What You Would Expect' From Trump

Judge Brett Kavanaugh’s nomination for the Supreme Court is “exactly what you would expect” from President Donald Trump, Senate Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy said Tuesday.

“Here he was on a campaign trail, a big question, for somebody to become president, ‘who would you nominate to the Supreme Court?'” the California Republican told Fox News’ “Fox &¬†Friends.”

“He put a list out to the American public. He is keeping his promise.”

Kavanaugh is qualified not as an activist, but as a person who bases rulings on the Constitution, said McCarthy, and he thinks it was “another smart decision” by Trump to pick him.

“What is so ironic is, I’m here in the Capitol. I come back in last night, 10:30, I’m hearing these yells,” said McCarthy. “I look over at the Supreme Court. People are protesting without even giving him an opportunity to know about he stands and what his work is.”

He commented that he wanted to “see the van” where signs were being kept with all four proposed judges names, so the signs that were needed for the eventual nominee could be pulled out in time for a press conference.

“If you look at case study of this judge, Brett Kavanaugh, I mean his own dissents have been upheld by the Supreme Court,” said McCarthy. “No one will argue he is not qualified. He worked with [retiring Justice Anthony] Kennedy beforehand as well. This is exactly when you look at the decision and how the decision was made with President Trump.”

The president presented a list, took time to interview candidates, and show the country where he stands, McCarthy continued, and he thinks it would be responsible for Democrats to “sit back and meet with Kavanaugh before you propose or take action against him.”

Further, he said, it would be a “big mistake” for Democrat to try and disrupt the nomination, considering other items on the president’s agenda that have worked out.

“We’re in the strongest economy in our lifetimes,” said McCarthy. “Not one Democrat voted for the tax cut bill that created the economy. Look what they want to vote on, stop ICE, not even protecting our borders. I don’t understand where the American public would get excited about voting for Democrats, what have they stood for? They’re against everything.”

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