Report: Trump Lobbying GOP Senators to Support Fight Against Sessions

Report: Trump Lobbying GOP Senators to Support Fight Against Sessions

President Donald Trump has been personally lobbying Republican senators to join him in his ongoing battle against Attorney General Jeff Sessions, Politico is reporting.

Politico described Trump’s efforts as a “furious lobbying campaign.” It quoted one Republican Senate aide as saying Trump is venting his dissatisfaction with Sessions to “any senator who will listen.”

Trump has belittled Sessions in conversations with Republican senators in the past week, Politico reported. And the idea of firing the attorney general no longer sparks the anxiety it previously did.

In fact, Politico noted, some Republican senators have already expressed a willingness to turn against Sessions.

Senate Judiciary Committee Chairman Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa and Sen. Lindsey Graham, R-S.C., are frustrated by Sessions’ opposition to a criminal justice reform bill they support, Politico reported.

Trump mentioned the prospect of firing Sessions during a phone call with Graham last week. Politico attributed the information to two Capitol Hill aides. But Graham urged Trump not to take action until after the midterm elections, according to the website.

Meanwhile, Trump’s lawyers had previously warned a dismissal of Sessions would help special counsel Robert Mueller in his investigation of any potential obstruction of justice involving Trump. But now the attorneys are becoming convinced Mueller will try to make the case regardless of what Trump decides to do with Sessions.

“There’s the belief that if the president taking action with respect to Sessions is going to be an important part of the Mueller obstruction case, most of that case has already been made,” one source told Politico.

And The Washington Post reported the last barriers are crumbling to keep Trump from firing Sessions. It noted Senate Republicans who once cautioned against the firing are now resigned to the prospect.

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