Report: Trump’s Aides Hired PI’s to Dig Up Dirt on Obama Aides Who Helped Negotiate Iran Deal

Report: Trump's Aides Hired PI's to Dig Up Dirt on Obama Aides Who Helped Negotiate Iran Deal

President Donald Trump’s aides last year hired Israeli private investigators to dig up dirt on two Obama diplomats who negotiated the Iran deal with Tehran, the Guardian reports.

Trump’s team contacted investigators in May of 2017 and asked them to dig into the lives and political careers of Ben Rhodes and Colin Kahl. Rhodes was one of Obama’s top national security advisers and Kahl was a national security adviser to former Vice President Joe Biden.

Investigators were told to look at their personal and political relationships, whether they benefitted politically or personally from the peace deal, and what journalists they spoke with about the accord.

Trump has long slammed the agreement and has to decide by May 12 whether the U.S. will remain in the 2015 accord, in which the Islamic Republic agreed to curb its nuclear program in exchange for sanctions relief.

Rhodes said he wasn’t surprised.

“I was not aware, though sadly am not surprised. I would say that digging up dirt on someone for carrying out their professional responsibilities in their positions as White House officials is a chillingly authoritarian thing to do,” he told the Guardian.

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