Rockabye: Trump’s UN speech puts his commerce secretary to sleep


Donald Trump’s Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross gained attention after apparently sleeping through his boss’s speech at the UN General Assembly amid online comments that the address was a snoozefest.

Sitting behind Vice President Mike Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo at the UN headquarters in New York, Ross had his eyes firmly shut for some 15 minutes.

Meanwhile, Trump was not only bashing the usual suspects Iran and Venezuela, but called for the World Trade Organization to be reformed and talked about possible trade deals with China, with the latter being part of Ross’s responsibilities as commerce secretary.

At one point, the 81-year-old businessman, whose net worth is estimated to be $600 million by Forbes, opened his eyes, but still looked sleepy.

Trump’s speech on Tuesday recycled his usual talking points from his campaign speeches, yet was delivered monotonously, without the usual passion.

Some even feared that the president would drift off himself as he was talking.

It wasn’t the first time that Ross was caught napping during Trump’s address, a similar scene made headlines during the US leader’s visit to Saudi Arabia in 2017.

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