Roseanne Says ‘F**k Racism’ Four Times While Preparing for Her New Show

Roseanne Says 'F**k Racism' Four Times While Preparing for Her New Show

Roseanne Hey Media, Are You Listening? ‘F**K RACISM’!!!

7/20/2018 12:28 PM PDT
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If the goal of Roseanne‘s new project wasn’t already evident … it should be after watching this.

Roseanne’s son, Jake Pentland, just shared another vid of his mom preparing to put out her own content and this time, instead of attempting to explain away her racist tweet about Valerie Jarrett … she opts for a much more blunt approach.

In front of her son and a couple members of her team, she says … “F**k racism, f**k racism, f**k racism, f**k racism.”

Jake captioned the vid, “The media narrative is mom is having a meltdown…. she’s more clear than ever. DON’T BELIEVE THE MEDIA”

We broke the story … Jake’s plan is to release the content on Roseanne’s YouTube channel without any big networks getting involved to provide an unfiltered and unedited version of his mom.

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