Scaramucci: Trump’s Media Rhetoric is ‘Bad For the Country’

Former White House communications director Anthony Scaramucci warned Sunday that President Donald Trump’s war on the media is a losing strategy — and encouraged those around the president to “look him straight in the face and tell him the truth about this.”

In remarks on CNN’s “Reliable Sources,” Scaramucci said the “war declaration… will lead to something that none of us really want.”

“I would encourage people in the West Wing if they think differently than the president they should speak out… in a constructive way,” he said, adding: I don’t think this war with the media is something that’s going to help him long term.”

“He has a right to be upset about the media bias, but tactically and strategically the rhetoric he’s using is very, very bad for the country,” he added. “Long term that Amendment was First for a reason. We have to uphold that amendment. … I think that people that like him should look him straight in the face and tell him the truth about this if they feel as strongly about it as I do.”

He also defended White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who has come under fire for not challenging Trump’s description of some media as “the enemy of the people.”

“I think she’s very different from [former press secretary] Sean Spicer — literally like night and day,” he declared. “She’s trying her hardest to tell the truth to the American people. It’s very tough for Sarah to be up there as the president’s avatar and answer that question. Maybe she doesn’t think that the press is the enemy of the people but she’s representing the president of the United States.”

He also defended the president against charges that his tweet denigrating NBA star LeBron James was racist.

“He calls everybody stupid. Black, white, green, yellow and red. The guy is not racist,” Scaramucci said, adding: “He picks on everybody universally.”

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