Scientists Just Found An Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus And Nobody Knows What’s Inside

Scientists Just Found An Ancient Egyptian Sarcophagus And Nobody Knows What’s Inside

Archaeologists uncovered a massive ancient sarcophagus buried deep below the ancient Egyptian city off Alexandra this week.

The sarcophagus is made of solid black granite weighs 30 tons and is six feet tall, five feet wide, and nine feet long. It’s the biggest sarcophagus ever found in Alexandria.

Also found near the sarcophagus was a carved alabaster bust of an unidentified man. Scientists estimate the massive discovery traces back to the Ptolemaic period, which spans from roughly 305 BC to 30 BC. (RELATED: Researches Find ‘Holy Grail’ Of Shipwrecks With $18 Billion Of Treasure Onboard [PHOTOS])

“Scientists who helped excavate the site still aren’t sure why it’s so big, because Ancient Egyptians were typically much smaller than modern men – and nowhere near nine feet,” The Sun reported.

Ancient Egyptian men hovered just around five feet tall, and women just under that.

But the biggest question now is whether scientists will even open the thing. It’s reportedly sealed by mortar, which indicates it’s never been opened. Not to mention, many Egyptians are superstitious about something called the “Curse Of The Pharaohs,”  where anyone who disturbs a tomb will be cursed forever.

If they decide not to open the sarcophagus, scientists can always scan it to try to determine what’s inside. But that may leave more questions than answers. And let’s be honest. Pretty much everyone on earth wants this thing open wide.

All I’ll say is if nobody wants to crack it open, I’m more than willing to piss off a few pharaohs and bust this thing open myself. You don’t bury something 16.4 feet underground unless it’s highly important. There’s no way this isn’t filled with mummies or gold. Or both. I say, open it up.

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