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Diver attacked by Elon Musk as ‘pedo guy’ is prepping a libel suit

A British cave diving expert who helped save the young Thai football team that got trapped in caves this summer is preparing a legal action…

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The SEC has charged Mike Rothenberg with fraud

Mike Rothenberg, infamous Silicon Valley venture capitalist and founder of Rothenberg Ventures, has been formally charged by the Securities and Exchange Commission for overcharging investors…

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Tesla lost nearly $8 billion in shareholder value this week and its board should be ashamed

Over the last five days, Tesla shareholders watched the value of their stock decline by roughly 16 percent and saw nearly $8 billion in value…

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Sino-U.S. investment firms are targeting over $4 billion for new funds launched this year

As limited partners increasingly demand greater exposure to emerging market opportunities, venture capital firms with a focus on Asia are bulking up their funds and…

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Reports indicate that Tesla has been subpoenaed over Elon Musk’s tweets

The long week for Tesla is getting even longer as the company has now been subpoenaed by the Securities and Exchange Commission, according to multiple…

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This Musk Tweet Demonstrates The Dangerous Precedent He’s Setting For Tesla

Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted another piece of incorrect information Tuesday that could potentially cause more headaches for the company as the 15-year-old automaker prepares…

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Rapper Azealia Banks’ claims to have the inside track on Elon Musk’s Tesla take-private drama

If Azealia Banks’ Instagram account is to be believed, Elon Musk’s tweets about Tesla’s take-private deal can be chalked up to some good ole acid…

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With no white knight in sight, Tesla shares plummet from Musk’s tweet-related highs

Investors definitely aren’t stoked by the deafening silence coming from Tesla after its chief executive announced in a tweet that he plans to drop a fat…

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The SEC wants Tesla to explain Elon’s 420 tweet

Elon Musk, billionaire founder of Tesla, startled the Twittersphere yesterday by announcing he wanted to take the company private at the price of $420 per share….

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