Shots fired: Joe Biden was a ‘good’ VP because he excelled at ‘kissing Obama’s a**’, Trump jokes


Joe Biden’s greatest strength as vice president was his ability to shamelessly suck up to Barack Obama, Donald Trump has asserted. The president’s colorful language comes amid an escalating war of words with his Democratic rivals.

Trump called out Biden and his son Hunter during a campaign rally in Minnesota on Thursday, claiming that the father-son duo were involved in shady business deals in Ukraine and China.

Speaking directly to Hunter, Trump commented on Joe Biden’s political track record.

Your father was never considered smart, he was never considered a good senator, he was only a good vice president because he understood how to kiss Barack Obama’s a**.

The swipe incited cheers and laughter from his MAGA hat-wearing supporters.

Biden tweeted a retort hours later, saying that he had spent his evening discussing “the fundamental respect every human being deserves” at an LGBT forum, while Trump showed Americans “how little respect” he has for other people.

The political nemeses have exchanged verbal volleys over a brewing scandal involving improper dealings with the Ukrainian government. Trump has alleged that Hunter Biden took bribes from a Ukrainian natural gas company, and that his father used his position as vice president to shield his son from scrutiny.

Democratic lawmakers initiated an impeachment inquiry after claiming that Trump had tried to pressure Kiev to investigate Hunter.

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