Some Fans Have Their Panties In A Bunch Because I Speak Facts About College Football

Some Fans Have Their Panties In A Bunch Because I Speak Facts About College Football

David Hookstead | Reporter

Haters of the Big Ten sounded off again on a recent article I wrote about Wisconsin Badgers running back Jonathan Taylor.

For those of you who don’t know, I wrote a piece the other day to hype people up about the start of the upcoming college football season. All I did was simply throw in a video of Jonathan Taylor’s highlights last season. Why wouldn’t I? He’s the best running back in the game, but some people weren’t pleased. (RELATED: PREPARE FOR COLLEGE FOOTBALL WITH HIGHLIGHTS OF THE BEST RUNNING BACK IN AMERICA [VIDEO])

A few of the comments were:

  • When was the last Time Wisconsin won a national championship? Roll Tide!
  • Just have to love a marginally educated pseudo blogger who [I guess] gets paid for writing pieces that are designed to be troll magnets. And sooooo many of us fall for it. Hookstead is a master at dropping one shoe and having his trollees drop the other for him. Brilliant! Pathetic writing, but brilliant in its execution.
  • David HooksteaD – reporter. I’m sure the journalism school he went to is proud he now reports on scantily clad women, cats/dogs and does partisan Wisconsin football articles. Real Woodward and Bernstein stuff!
  • Wisconsin is ridiculously slow, they wouldn’t be able to compete on that stage.
  • This idiocy needs to end! Does anyone babysit Hookstead?
  • Every now and I check the chinless, thin-wristed Hookstead articles to see if he’s gaining any readership. it does my heart good to know that the DCNF’s resident Reza Aslan still ain’t impressing anybody. This is the guy who said he’d use a baby to defend himself. Swung any babies at the boogie man lately, Kook? You soft-handed beta.
  • My mother in her 70’s could run 100 yards against the defenses Wisconsin plays.
  • Gawd Hookstead, you are the most clueless homer ever.
  • Hookstead’s an insufferable Badger. Disregard all of his idiotic college football… opinions. The good news is, now that he’s made this proclamation, look for Taylor to be injured in fall practice and miss the season, while the Badgers struggle to break 500.

Once again, I’m having to be the man speaking the truth when it comes to college football. It’s almost like I can’t go a single day without the haters and critics coming for my throat. I guess that’s what happens when you are a beacon of hope and truth. Don’t weep for me. I can handle it. This is my burden and cross to carry. (RELATED: THE COLLEGE FOOTBALL WORLD SHOULD FEAR WISCONSIN FOR ONE SIMPLE REASON)

These comments are hilarious, especially the one about whether or not my journalism school would be proud. Spoiler alert: I’m sure they’re not. I came to burn the college football landscape to the ground. I didn’t come to please overpaid professors. You think I care what they think?

All the SEC fanboys can chirp all they want. Outside of Alabama, there’s not a squad in the entire conference that could hang with the big boys in the Big Ten. Do SEC fans not remember what happened to Auburn? They beat Alabama, won the SEC West and then got beat by UCF. Don’t even tell me about Georgia. Any team would be fine and healthy when they play that cupcake of a schedule.

The real ballers, like Wisconsin and Taylor, are north of the Mason-Dixon Line, and everybody who knows football knows I’m correct.

We’ll see how it all goes down. Personally, I think my guys in Madison are locked and loaded for success. It’s a real shame I can’t say the same for most of the SEC. It’s truly such a shame.

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