Stock market today October 1, 2020

Stock market todayThe US stock market closed higher in the first trading session of October 2020. Dow Jones closed flat, up 35 points, small-cap stocks outperformed. S&P 500 gained about 18 points. The closing numbers for the US stock market today:S&P 500: 3,380.80,+17.80(+0.53%)Dow 30: 27,816.90,+35.20(+0.13%)Nasdaq: 11,326.51,+159.00(+1.42%)Russell 2000: 1,531.20,+23.51(+1.56%)Stock market news“The economic situation at the hands of the pandemic remains dire. Airlines American Airlines (AAL) and United Airlines Holdings (UAL) are moving forward with a collective 32,000 job cuts after conting…

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