Stock market today October 7, 2020

A stock market rally today, all major US stock indices closed higher. Dow Jones gained 530 points, S&P 500 gained 58 points and Nasdaq ended the stock market trading session with gains of more than 200 points. Small-cap stocks outperformed.S&P 500: 3,419.45,+58.50(+1.74%)Dow 30: 28,303.46,+530.70(+1.91%)Nasdaq: 11,364.60,+210.00(+1.88%)Russell 2000: 1,612.83,+35.54(+2.25%)Stock market news“Stock rise after Trumps signals support for some virus relief.Stocks rose after a flurry of Twitter posts from President Donald Trump, who announced his support for specific virus relief measures, despite sa…

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