Stock market today September 29, 2020

Stock market todayThe US stock market closed moderately lower today. The closing numbers for the stock market today at the close:S&P 500: 3,335.47,-16.13(-0.48%)Dow 30: 27,452.66,-131.40(-0.48%)Nasdaq: 11,085.25,-32.28(-0.29%)Russell 2000: 1,504.73,-5.62(-0.37%)CommoditiesAt 5:20 PM, ET time today crud eoil was lwer, but gold price higher.Crude Oil: 39.11,-1.49(-3.67%)Gold: 1,903.00,+20.70(+1.10%)BondsThe 10-yr bond yield today closed at 0.6450-0.0180 (-2.71%).Stock market data: Yahoo Finance

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