Stocks Jump (Again) On China Headlines (Again)


Stocks Jump (Again) On China Headlines (Again)

This is becoming more farcical every day.

US equity markets are legging higher once again following more China headlines which reiterated the same old news that was negative news over the weekend and was confirmed as a negative by Navarro… but are now positive…

Stocks Jump (Again) On China Headlines (Again)

Here’s the news that sparked this:

And as a reminder, White House trade adviser Peter Navarro (and President Trump) said this morning that US would NOT agree to a partial deal… which is exactly what China is offering.

But that didn’t stop the machines squeezing the shorts…

Stocks Jump (Again) On China Headlines (Again)

Source: Bloomberg

As @Hipster_Trader noted so accurately “So after rallying for months on hopes of a deal, markets rallying some more on hopes of a partial deal.”



Tyler Durden

Mon, 10/07/2019 – 13:42


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