Stratus Wine & Spirits launches collection of contemporary art inspired California Wines that break tradition, transcend taboos, and change perspectives

But SWS was careful to ensure that the distinct branding of the 1849 Wine Collection spoke to the high-end wine the company produces.  “The wine inside the bottle is the work of art that steals the show,” says Seth Hersh, Vice President of Marketing & Business Development.  

“It’s all about the experience,” says Hersh, “When you hold the bottle you can already feel the difference, the wine tastes great before you’ve even had a sip,” Hersh adds.

1849 Wine was deliberate in choosing the right juice; all sourced from Napa Valley, Sonoma and Monterey — all California, of course. “We started off with a pinot noir, and Sonoma Coast is arguably the best region for pinot.  Monterey County is one of the best locations to grow chardonnay. Napa Valley is home to the most premiere grapes in the world, and so we produced a Napa Valley cabernet sauvignon and a Napa Valley red blend,” explains Zack Levenson, Chief Operating Officer.

The nuances of these wines are highlighted upfront, and the undertones leave a long, sophisticated finish.  “The juice is on par with, if not better than, some of the most notable and expensive wines on the market.  We have the awards and accolades to prove it,” says Gray, “plus if commissioning an original piece is out of your budget, then our collection turns any bar into a masterpiece.”

Not every consumer is an expert in wine, wine terminology, appellations or how the growing region affects the overall taste of a wine.  But everyday consumers do know what they like.  1849 Wines’ juice inside each bottle is equally as brilliant as the art that adorns the bottle.

1849 Wine is available nationwide. New varietals may be coming down the road, but for now the company is happy to offer its collection of five wines for all to admire—both visually and on the palate.

About Stratus Wine & Spirits

Every handcrafted bottle of 1849 Wine reflects this artistic spirit and the dedication we have for art of wine making.  We pride ourselves on creating wines of the highest quality & expression, with consistent flavor vintage over vintage.

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