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Payday startups are increasing access to wages, but is “make any day payday” the right choice?

Kristen Berman Contributor Kristen Berman is a co-founder of Duke’s Common Cents Lab with Professor Dan Ariely. Common Cents is generously supported by MetLife Foundation….

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1 In 3 Amazon Employees On Food Stamps In Arizona

Thousands of Amazon employees rely on the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP), commonly known as food stamps, to feed themselves. One in three, or 1,800,…

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Double-Dippers Cost Food Stamp Program Millions of Dollars

Last week’s defeat of the farm bill also killed — at least for the time being — new initiatives to ferret out fraud in the…

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Freedom Caucus Kills Big-Spending Farm Bill

An odd-fellows coalition of Democrats and the conservative House Freedom Caucus on Friday sunk a bill to reauthorize farm and nutritional programs for another five…

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GOP Helps Dems Kill Conservative Amendments to Farm Bill

Lawmakers will vote Friday on a farm bill that has been vilified by Democrats as mean-spirited even as some conservatives grumble is a watered-down attempt…

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How Obama and State Officials Swelled Food Stamp Rolls

Enrollment in the food stamp program ballooned during President Barack Obama’s eight years in the Oval Office, but the hemorrhaging economy he inherited in 2009…

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