Texas police search for woman seen in mysterious doorbell video 

Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office image from security camera image of a partially dressed woman who briefly appeared in security camera footage in Texas – REUTERS

Authorities in Texas are trying to find a woman who was captured on video ringing a doorbell in the middle of the night.

It happened early Friday in Montgomery when a concerned resident shared the video with the sheriff’s office.

The video, taken on a home CCTV camera shows a barefoot young woman wearing a T-shirt and what could be broken restraints around her wrists.

The woman was gone before the resident got to the door.

The resident reviewed the security footage and sent it to police.

The sheriff’s office says it has received numerous reports that the woman is a missing person.  However, authorities have not verified that. 

 The incident which police are calling “suspicious” occurred at around 3.20am in Sunrise Ranch, 60 miles north of Houston.

An unnamed neighbour told ABC News the same woman rang the doorbells of other homes in the area, but had also vanished by the time anyone answered.

Authorities have conducted a door-to-door search of local homes and businesses and circulated images of the woman on social media.

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