The Fans Let Me Have It After Georgia Rolled South Carolina. Here Are The Best Reactions

The Fans Let Me Have It After Georgia Rolled South Carolina. Here Are The Best Reactions

I had a bit of an embarrassing weekend when South Carolina got blown away by Georgia.

For those of you who might have forgotten, I declared that the Gamecocks would beat Georgia and shock the nation. Unfortunately, the Bulldogs narrowly edged out SC by a score of 41-17. I’m telling you, my prediction was only a play or two away from being correct. One play this way or that way and that deficit would have been gone and we all would have cashed in. (RELATEDSEC FANS DON’T LIKE TO USE FACTS WHEN DISCUSSING COLLEGE FOOTBALL)

In sports, you just never know what’s going to happen, and you can bet that all the loyal readers let me have it. Below are the funniest and best reactions:

  • Do all of us a favor and please let us know the next time you get the feeling you got about this game. I look forward to betting the farm on the other side. 1 a week would be great.
  • Hookstead sounds like a soy-boy beta-male who wants to be a real man with real alpha male friends, but can’t help being a nerdy klutz, especially when he opens his uninformed mouth and starts running it. Maybe one of beta-male friends will slap him around today while they’re watching NFL football.
  • HOOKSTEAD, if you hate the SEC so much, pass on the reporting to one of your assistants who may do a better job.
  • Fire Hookstead!
  • Wasn’t even close d*ckhead…just wish we could beat the hell out of the big bad cupcake Badgers!
  • Did you lay down a lot of cash on this sure thing, Hookstead? I hope so. I hope you did because you need to learn from your mistakes; first that you don’t know anything about college football, and second, that you shouldn’t make a fool of yourself by making predictions about something you know nothing about. Please, Hookstead, give us a break.
  • The writer of this, and predictor of the result, is an idiot. He should get into another line of work. And prognostication. Daily Caller should be embarrassed.
  • I’d stick to pining away for your awful Wisconsin team and keep the h#ll out of the SEC. You’re clueless.
  • Hey Hookstead, your ‘cocks looked pretty limp today. So much for your prediction huh.
  • Dear Mr. David ‘Wisconsin’ Hookstead, What a great prediction. A little advice here. Do not bother driving to the dog track or horse track. Just mail your money to them.
    GO DAWGS!!!
  • Hookstead you stink as a sports reporter. I guarantee it!
  • It is hard to find someone so eager to put ignorance on display…#KeepHookstead
  • I remembered to return to this article and tell you to either quit, or at least forfeit your next paycheck, Hookstead.

Most people would run for cover after taking the beating the I took this weekend gambling and making bold predictions. Most people would never want to show their faces again, but I’m not most people. I’m David Hookstead, and a real man always mans up. Yes, I was wrong. Props to me for having the immense courage to publicly admit my mistakes. Most men wouldn’t even consider being so open or honest.

Again, this game was extremely close. A causal fan might look at the 24 point differential and think SC wasn’t hanging on. They were right there. One pass here and one different run there and Georgia would have been running for the locker room. Alas, it just wasn’t meant to be this time around.

As for anybody who thinks this brutal defeat will make me back down or go away, I hate to disappoint all of you. I’m not going anywhere. I live for college football, and I’ll keep making predictions no matter what. I don’t give a damn if I get the next million predictions wrong. Shooters shoot, and I’m a pure shooter.

I’m sure many of you will want to call me brave or heroic for being so open and honest. Please, don’t do that. It would be a real shame if millions and millions of people began to see me as the humble face of college football. It’d be so sad if that happened.

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