‘This is the Left’: Police intervene after violence & MAGA hat burning mars anti-Trump protest in Minneapolis (VIDEOS)


Police were forced to intervene after a demonstration against Donald Trump’s campaign stop in Minneapolis turned ugly. Videos show protesters assaulting the president’s supporters and burning stolen MAGA hats.

Trump gave a stump speech at the city’s Target Center on Thursday – but those who wanted to hear the president speak first had to brave the thousands of protesters who had surrounded the arena.

Footage shared on social media shows demonstrators burning a pile of MAGA hats which had been forcibly taken from Trump supporters, according to multiple eyewitnesses. The Minneapolis Star Tribute reported that demonstrators were stopping cars leaving the venue and confiscating pro-Trump memorabilia, including flags and hats.

The activists later got into a brief confrontation with police who arrived to extinguish the impromptu bonfire. In several videos, protesters can be heard shouting “f**k Donald Trump” and “f**k you guys” when officers showed up to put out the blaze. After the fire was put out, protesters left a “F**k Trump” sign on the top of the ash pile.

“This is tolerance. This is the left,” tweeted Elijah Schaffer, a journalist who covered the protest.

At one point, police reportedly used pepper spray to quell the unruly crowd. One assault captured on video shows a man leaving the Trump rally who was targeted and chased by an angry mob. “There’s a Nazi over here!” one of the protesters yells. The man is seen fleeing after being hit and pushed by several people.

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U.S. President Donald Trump holds a campaign rally in Minneapolis, Minnesota, U.S., October 10, 2019. © REUTERS/Leah Millis
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