Trump Convincing Americans Social Media Is Biased

President Donald Trump is successfully convincing a big segment of Americans that Google, Facebook and Twitter are biased and fake, according to Axios.

The website noted a poll by the Media Research Center showed that almost 65 percent of “self-described conservatives” believe companies like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are intentionally censoring conservatives.

And Donald Trump Jr. told Axios there is “exactly zero doubt in my mind” that tech bias is real.

“I don’t think (this issue) is going away, because I don’t think it’s changing,” the president’s son said. And he maintained that if Trump supporter created a conservative social media network, he would urge those who back the president to switch to it.

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy, R-Calif., maintained there is bias in social media.

“The companies cannot sit back and say nothing is happening,” he said. “Algorithms are written by people. Everybody has some bias in them. Anyone claims they don’t have bias, they’re not human.”

But McCarthy said he is not ready to back a conservative social media alternative.

“If we’re only talking to people we agree with, that’s not healthy for this country.”

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