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Anita Hill Speaks Out On Kavanaugh Allegations

Anita Hill on Friday weighed in regarding allegations surrounding Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, calling for a “fair and neutral” investigative process. Hill, a professor…

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16 MS-13 Gang Members Indicted, Some For Initiation Related Assaults

A federal grand jury in California indicted 16 members of the La Mara Salvatrucha gang, MS-13, for assault and drug trafficking among other offenses on Thursday….

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Watch The Moment A Weatherman Had To Evacuate On Live TV

A meteorologist based in North Carolina was forced to evacuate during live television coverage of Hurricane Florence on Thursday night. Donnie Cox, chief meteorologist for local…

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‘Abortion Is Self-Care’ Billboard Will Remain Erect After Organization Leader Speaks Out: ‘We Said It. We Meant It’

A black women’s reproductive rights group put up a billboard in Dallas, Texas, claiming that abortion is self-care, and it’s not backing down after being…

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Pelosi Loses Train Of Thought Mid-Sentence

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi made up a confusing new catchphrase on Friday, asserting “the sooner the money … the better it is.” WATCH: Pelosi…

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Donald Trump Jr. Uses Google Election Meddling News To Slam Hillary Clinton In The Worst Possible Way

Responding to recent reports that Google executives attempted to influence the 2016 election in favor of Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump Jr. took a victory lap…

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Maxine Waters Sounds Off On Impeaching … Mike Pence — ‘You Knock One Down, And Then We Go After Him Too’

Should she somehow succeed in her efforts to impeach President Trump, California Representative Maxine Waters doesn’t intend to stop there. Her next target? Vice President…

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Sen. Rubio Warns Alex Jones: ‘I’ll Take Care Of You Myself’

Republican Senator Marco Rubio sent an angry message to Alex Jones on Wednesday after the InfoWars founder touched him without permission. Rubio was giving an…

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Lindsey Graham Explains Why Ivanka And Jared Were Invited To McCain Funeral

Senator Lindsey Graham on Sunday gave some insight into why Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner were invited to the late Senator John McCain’s funeral Saturday….

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The Flu Epidemic Of Labor Day, September 1918

This is an adapted excerpt from “September 1918: War, Plague, and The World Series” (Regnery History, August 28, 2018) by Skip Desjardin. The war in Europe…

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During Memorial, George W. Bush Delivers The Perfect McCain Tribute In The Front Row

As America mourns the loss of Arizona Republican John McCain, many have praised the late senator’s willingness to reach across the aisle in friendship if…

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Martha MacCallum’s Burning Question On Louis Farrakhan At Aretha Franklin Funeral — ‘What Was He Doing There?’

Fox News anchor Martha MacCallum on Friday wondered what “unapologetic anti-Semite” Louis Farrakhan was “doing up there” in such a prominent position at Aretha Franklin’s…

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President Trump Touts Latest Presidential Approval Polling In Friday Night Tweet

President Donald Trump tweeted on Friday night, touting the latest Rasmussen polling that showed his daily approval rating for August 31 at 48 percent “despite…

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Hillary Clinton Gets Help On The Stairs At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton got an assist from two people while climbing the stairs at Aretha Franklin’s funeral on Friday. As Clinton approached…

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After Dropped Charges, FBI Re-Arrests Five ‘Extremist Muslim’ New Mexico Compound Suspects

After a prosecutor’s error forced New Mexico Judge Emilio Chavez to dismiss charges against three of the five “extremist Muslim” suspects earlier this week, FBI officials on Friday confirmed…

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President Trump Spoke With Arizona’s Governor Following John McCain’s Death — Here’s What They Talked About

President Trump spoke via phone with Arizona Governor Doug Ducey this week following the death of Senator John McCain. According to a Friday Politico report,…

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More Than 20 MS-13 Gang Members Arrested In California

Over 20 MS-13 gang members were arrested in California on Friday as a result of a months long multi-agency investigation. Older indictments that also stemmed…

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Pastor Appears To Grope Ariana Grande At Aretha Franklin’s Funeral

A pastor at Aretha Franklin’s funeral got incredibly close with superstar singer Ariana Grande on Friday. Bishop Charles Ellis III can be seen with his…

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