Walter Shaub: No Bottom to ‘Ethics Catastrophe’ With Scott Pruitt

Walter Shaub: No Bottom to 'Ethics Catastrophe' With Scott Pruitt

Former Director of Government Ethics Walter Shaub said Environmental Protection chief Scott Pruitt “seems to be fundamentally unfit for public service.”

Shaub’s comments came in a Thursday interview on CNN’s “New Day.” A video excerpt of his interview was posted on the show’s Twitter account.

“There seems to be no bottom to this ethics catastrophe with Scott Pruitt. He just keeps expanding the list of ethics violations and no one is doing anything about it. You can’t even pretend there’s an ethics program anymore when you’ve got Scott Pruitt running around inventing new ways to violate the ethics rules.”

He said no other administration would allow Pruitt to keep his job.

“For one thing the president could fire him which is what would have happened in any past administration or Congress could put some effort into conducting any kind of oversight at all.”

Shaub added: “It’s mindboggling, I have never seen anything like this with the sheer number of violations.

“Scott Pruitt just seems to be fundamentally unfit for public service. And I’m sure there are plenty of other candidates who would have been as equally enthusiastic about deregulation as him.”

Shaub, who headed the ethics office under President Barack Obama, said there was nothing partisan about his criticism of Pruitt.

“The president can just replace him with somebody who has the same views, but it would be nice if he could find somebody who isn’t a serial ethics violator.”

Pruitt came under fire again following reports he had a top aide contact Republican donors last year to help secure work for his wife at a conservative political group.

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