Warren in hot water after racist, homophobic tweets by campaign surrogate surface


Democratic presidential hopeful Sen. Elizabeth Warren is in hot water after racist, homophobic, misogynistic, and xenophobic tweets made by a top campaign surrogate recently surfaced.

The story: Activist Ashlee Marie Preston appeared in a Warren campaign video released Thursday in which she that she’s says she’s “a Warren Democrat because I am not afraid of the fight.”

The Team Warren Twitter account also released the video with the caption “@AshleeMPreston is a #WarrenDemocrat, and so are we. Together, we’re fighting so that all women of color have a voice in our democracy.”

The tweets: But social media users quickly unearthed offensive tweets Preston has posted in the past.

“Latino and Asian businesses need 2 stop being rude & fukn disrespectful, & I kno its A LOT to ask in CA but speak fukn English 2* #yahisaidit,” Preston wrote in a December 11, 2010, tweet.

In a December 25, 2010 tweet she wrote: “Just cussed that Asian bitch clean the fuck out…u mess up my order & THEN blame me?? #englisismyfirstlanguage bitch. Never ordern again.”

A February 22, 2011 tweet reads: “Asian hoes act like they wont get karate chopped in they muthafukn throat. What is this hoe staring at. Mind ya beeswax. #Bitch.”

Another one from February 14, 2011, reads: “Jus broke my phone on this Asian bitches head…I have Asian friends..but they some muthafukkn #weirdo sometims #isaiditbutweallthinkit.”

A Tweet from February 25, 2011, reads: “Another damn Asian almost hit me while crossin, what the fuck is it wit yall and damn vehicles? I have an idea…”

Preston has repeatedly posted homophobic slurs and messages.

“That is thee last time I help that faggot fucker….he’s bringing ME problems Truman help him,” she wrote in an April 7, 2011 tweet.

A Tweet from April 27, 2011 reads: “I LUV gay men but THIS county clerk at window G is a mahfukkan faggot wit it…hes bald but rokn jewels, acrylic nails,&silk scarves #andshit.”

“I love strippers…not in like a gay way, but I think theyre beautiful, & I think its art in its own way, sooo #quithating . If u cud u wud,” she said in a September 6, 2011, tweet.

She’s also frequently made misogynistic tweets and pro-abortion messages which are clearly not in line with the Democratic agenda.

A tweet from October 5, 2011, reads: “Don’t have #abortions ….people spend thousands yearly trying to experience the miracle of a child. #ProAdoption #GOHARDPRODUCTIONS.”

A Tweet from September 17, 2011, reads: “I get so upset when slut bitches constantly get pregnant and much away on abortion pillz like cheetos… Pregnancy is #kindofabigdeal.”

A Tweet from September 5, 2011, reads: “#YouShouldBeAshamedIf if you take abortion pills like flinstone vitamins….”

Twitter users Olivia Hill and Brook Hines have documented a number of offensive tweets made by Preston.

“The wheels seem to be coming off of Elizabeth Warren’s campaign,” Hines said, according to Law&Crime. “Within a few days Warren is criticized on her LGTBQ record, then gives a canned response to a plant who is a party donor at the CNN LGBTQ Town Hall. Then it’s revealed her new LGBTQ surrogate, Ashlee Preston, has a horrifically bigoted past, and wasn’t transparent about being on the Warren campaign during appearances on TYT. You have to ask, what is going on in Warren’s campaign?”

Preston locked her Twitter account over the weekend and has deleted many of the controversial tweets.

Warren’s campaign couldn’t be reached for a comment, according to Law&Crime.

The Massachusetts senator thanked Preston for ‘giving her hope’ in a tweet last week.

Preston attempted to blame her outrageous tweets on her past addiction, but a tweet from last year contradicted her claim.

“Although those tweets were resurfaced as a political play; I take full responsibility for my actions and deeply apologize for my actions to those I’ve offended or hurt,” Preston wrote on Monday morning. “I also apologize to those indirectly impacted by these developments. At over 7 1/2 years clean and sober; I’ve learned to make amends when I’m wrong and to take complete accountability for my actions.”

On Sept. 8. 2018, she tweeted:

“I’d beat the dog shit of out you; furry slipper wearing ass fuck boy,” Preston tweeted on September 8, 2018. “IRL I’d smash your fucking head in like a can of A&W Root Beer–But ima fall back and let you keep pretending for the internet…dick rider.”


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