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It’s time for Facebook and Twitter to coordinate efforts on hate speech

Since the election of Donald Trump in 2016, there has been burgeoning awareness of the hate speech on social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter….

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It Took 1 Million Pieces, But LEGO Built A Bugatti Chiron — And It Drives

Lego decided to put its newest line of blocks to the test, constructing a life-size copy of the Bugatti Chiron supercar exclusively out of Lego…

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YouTube launches a suite of fundraising tools

YouTube today announced a suite of new features designed to offer creators and their fans new ways to contribute to charitable causes. This includes beta…

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For IGTV, Instagram needs slow to mean steady

Instagram has never truly failed at anything, but judging by modest initial view counts, IGTV could get stuck with a reputation as an abandoned theater…

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Minds Aims To Challenge Social Media Monopolies With Freedom And A Decentralized Network

Facebook, Google, and Twitter have come under fire for censoring conservative voices Lawmakers are struggling to decide how best to end the practice, if at…

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First They Came For Alex Jones

On today’s edition of The Daily Daily Caller Podcast, we talk about the de-platforming of Alex Jones by Facebook, Apple, YouTube and Spotify, and how…

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Facebook also removes 4 Infowars videos, including one it previously cleared

Days after defending its decision to give a voice to conspiracy theory peddler Alex Jones and his Infowars site, Facebook has removed four of his…

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YouTube punishes Alex Jones’ channel for breaking policies against hate speech and child endangerment

Google confirmed it has issued a strike against Infowars founder Alex Jones’ YouTube channel for breaking the video platform’s policies against child endangerment and hate speech….

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Google Drive will hit a billion users this week

Google loves to talk about how it has seven products with more than a billion users. Those are its flagship search service, Gmail, Chrome, Google…

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YouTube is testing its own ‘Explore’ tab on iPhone

YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki on Friday promised the company would do a better job with communicating to creators about its experiments and tests. Today, YouTube is making…

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YouTube CEO’s latest update details its growth, glosses over content problems

YouTube highlighted its growth and promised better communication with creators about its tests and experiments, the company announced today in its latest of an ongoing…

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Dems and GOP unite, slamming Facebook for allowing violent Pages

In a rare moment of agreement, members of the House Judiciary Committee from both major political parties agreed that Facebook needed to take down Pages…

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Reminder: Other people’s lives are not fodder for your feeds

#PlaneBae You should cringe when you read that hashtag. Because it’s a reminder that people are being socially engineered by technology platforms to objectify and…

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YouTube TV subscribers get a free week after World Cup meltdown

When one of the main selling points for your service is the ability to stream live sports, the last thing you want is a full-on…

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YouTube TV goes down during the World Cup

Croatia scored and the score is now 1-1 against England. If you’re a YouTube TV subscriber, you might not know that because YouTube TV has…

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YouTube is fighting fighting fake news with $25M to promote journalism and more context in search results

YouTube announced new measures today to stem the spread of conspiracy theory videos and fake news on its platform, including inserting context from trustworthy sources…

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European MEPs vote to reopen copyright debate over ‘censorship’ controversy

A 318-278 majority of MEPs in the European Parliament has voted to reopen debate around a controversial digital copyright reform proposal — meaning it will…

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Wikipedia goes dark in Spanish, Italian ahead of key EU vote on copyright

Wikipedia’s Italian and Spanish language versions have temporarily shut off access to their respective versions of the free online encyclopedia in Europe to protest against…

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