Zogby Poll: Business Is Booming, 83 Percent of Execs Say

Zogby Poll: Business Is Booming, 83 Percent of Execs Say
Zogby Poll: Business Is Booming, 83 Percent of Execs Say

Business is better now than it was two years ago, according to 83 percent of executives surveyed in the The Zogby Poll from Zogby Analytics, and more than three-quarters see more high times to come, the Washington Examiner reported.

“An overwhelming majority [83 percent] of respondents said business is doing better compared to two years ago,” Jonathan Zogby’s Zogby Analytics reported, per the Examiner. “Whether this sentiment is the result of actions put forth during the Obama presidency or Trump presidency is up for debate and will be divided along partisan lines, but at the moment there is momentum building in the U.S. economy.

“At the moment, the economy of the United States is humming, though there are many problems that lurk ahead, such as a recession, interest rate hikes, and an untoward amount of federal debt. But right now consumers are confident and the psychology of financial markets is one that has a positive outlook.”

Also, 76 percent of executives surveyed expect the economy to continue “growing” next year, compared to just 11 percent who anticipate “contracting” and 13 percent expecting to “remain the same.”

Despite the good economic vibes during President Donald Trump’s administration, which have featured GOP-passed tax cuts, Democrats are preferred over Republicans in November midterm elections by 13 percentage points (47-34) in the poll.

Also, Democrats hold a 4 point edge in the respondents’ belief they support business more (38 percent) than Republicans (just 34 percent).

“This is traditionally not the best way to assess the outcome of the midterms and each party’s chances, but business sentiment is with the Democrats — small, medium, and large-sized businesses say they will vote Democratic,” Zogby Analytics reported to the Examiner. “This was especially true of medium size businesses, with 500-1000 employees, who were much more likely [56 percent] than small businesses [43 percent], and large corporations [43 percent] to vote Democratic.”

The study’s sample size and margin of error were not reported by Examiner.

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